LockerBox FAQ


Got a question? Read below to find answers to our most common questions:

How big are the lockers?

Multi-Day lockers are 250mm Wide x 150mm High x 200mm Deep

Do i need to bring my e-ticket to the event?

Yes, whilst not essential it will make check-in a breeze.

Are the lockers supervised 24/7?

Yes, Lockerbox employs licensed security guards to monitor the compound

Can i share a locker with a friend?

What you place in your locker is entirely up to you, however there's only one wristband per locker therefore only one person is permitted access to the compound.

I have left my things behind, how can they be returned to me?

Head to the lost property page on our website, fill in the necessary details and one of our staff members will contact you.

The online booking page only shows one day of the event. Is this right?

All online bookings are for the whole event.

Do we have Iphone 5 chargers?

Yes we do

Can I use my own charger?

Lockerbox supplies you with a car charger to suit your phone for FREE, however you are free to use your charger as long as it a 12volt car charger

What is lockerbox?

lockerbox provides individual compartments for storage of your most treasured items whilst at the beach, music festivals & other large outdoor events.

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Any questions?

Read our easy to use FAQ page which covers any questions you should have regarding how we work.

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